“Sometimes a performer emerges with the potential to completely redefine our impression of musical performance using the piano accordion. Crystal Bright has shown she has courage to dare to push the envelope a little farther, dig a little deeper and forge a path to go beyond what is merely expected and acceptable.”

Christa T. - Accordion Americana

“With a near operatic sweep and the grandeur of Florence and the Machine, Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands’ “Fall of the Seraph” is a dramatic number that proves a powerful portent to the North Carolina group’s upcoming full-length, The Absolute Elsewhere.”

Brice Ezell - PopMatters

“Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits start auditioning circus performers to develop a cabaret act from Mars with Goth overtones and Leon Sash sensibilities--a mash up it seems only they could come up with. Bright seems to have found the sweet spot without any help from those cats. Wonderfully left field in a first class way, this is certainly just what the doctor ordered if you think that now is the time for something completely different.”

Midwest Record Entertainment

"Crystal Bright is, hands down, the most fearless and original music artist currently working within the social orbit of Greensboro...The Absolute Elsewhere, which was released in November, is Bright’s most introspective, deliberate and cerebral work to date."

Jordan Green - Triad City Beat

“The music of Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands is not easily pigeon-holed. From gypsy jazz, to klezmer rave-ups, to Danny Elfman-esque gothic soundscapes, the music forges a dark yet whimsical path.”

Eddie Garcia - 88.5 WFDD (NPR)

“The music of Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands is the sort that can only begun to be described by listing other styles of music. First, start with old-timey. I could name-drop Gogol Bordello, Jason Webley, The Crow Quill Night Owls, and other carnivalistic freight-train drifters and associated rattletrap ruckus. There’s certainly a horizontal stripe of Burton/Elfman-via-Django Reinhardt-bonkers in there. The band calls their sound “Kaleidophrenic Cabaret,” I call it “a colony of bats drunk on apricot moonshine set loose upon the Stringband Jamboree.””

Ryan Roullard - Presonus Blog

“With her other-worldly songs that sound like the sound track to your strangest dreams, singer-songwriter Crystal Bright is a bewitching original force on the rise.”

Bill Hancock - O'Henry Magazine

“It’s like Enya woke up in a vaudevillian nightmare wonderland.”

Chris Haire - Charleston City Paper

“She and the four members of her band crafted one dark poetic soundscape after another. Her songs tend to eschew traditional songwriting structure, leading you down wonderful twists and turns. The band alternated between moody numbers and infectious danceable pieces. Ms. Bright's music may be dark, but her stage presence was very charming and offbeat.”

Mark Rossmore - Steampunk-Music

“Crystal Bright is a siren with an accordion, a delight for music lovers and a godsend for those who miss the Dresden Dolls sound. Wonderfully quirky.”

Electric Panda Music

“The closest approximation to Crystal Bright’s haunted incantations is that of another North Carolina native: Tori Amos. As audacious of a comparison as that might seem, it’s not only her vocal ability that approaches that of Amos, but the raw emotion with which she delivers it.”

Ryan Snyder - Yes Weekly - Best of: Music Endorsements - Best Singer

"Her bio rattled off a plethora of instruments to be expected -- accordion, musical saw, a Ugandan harp called an adungu, piano, various percussive instruments -- with the concomitant international influences. But what was unexpected was her main instrument: her voice. And WHAT a voice!"...

John Guerin - How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All