Muses and Bones


Muses and Bones


A high quality 6 panel digipak

All songs and lyrics written by Crystal Bright
Recorded and mixed by Randy Seals at On Pop of the World Studios
Tracks 8 and 13 recorded and mixed by David Moore
Mastered by G & J Audio
CD Design by Christopher Lubinski, Crystal Bright, and Kemp Stroble
Front cover art by Rusty McDonald inspired by "November" by Shannon Stamey (October Illustrations) 
Photography: Rusty McDonald (DividingMe Photography) 
CD face painting by Natasha Vinas

Crystal Bright: Vocals, Piano, Accordion, Saw, Adungu, Khaen, Bombo, copper pipes, washing machine, tambourine, toy piano
Diego Diaz: Guitars (Electric, Nylon, Lapsteel w/ Ebow) 
Peter Lewis: Drum Kit
Randy Seals: Drum Kit , shaker, backing vocals, Moog, synths, tambourine Glockenspiel, Bass, pipes and washing machine
Sanders Davis: Bass
Charles Kurtz: Bass
Jeremy Denman appears on trumpet courtesy of The Urban Sophisticates
Mike O'Malley appears on Irish Bouzouki courtesy of Mike O'Malley
Copyright @ Crystal Bright 2011 (ASCAP)


1. Especially Your Mother 

2. Drowned Out

3. The Misplaced Zygote: Down the Wrong Chimney 

4. Adungu

5. Corpus Callosum

6. Today

7. Chimera March

8. Toy Hammer

9. In December

10. Killing Table

11. Spiral Sky

12.Bones and Lilies 

13. Little Match Girl

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