The Absolute Elsewhere - Digipak


The Absolute Elsewhere - Digipak


1. The End

2. October

3. Forest of Dreams

4. Engastrimyth

5. Of Sirenuse

6. Fall of the Seraph

7. Bajando La Luna

8. Earth Above My Roots

9. Crescent Moon Bear

10. La Dona A'guia

11. Tree of Tantalus

12. Torment

13. Choke

Comes in a beautiful Zero Carbon Footprint Digipak with a 16 page booklet with all lyrics and photos/art by DividingMe Photography that inspired the songs.

"From gypsy jazz, to klezmer rave-ups, to Danny Elfman-esque gothic soundscapes, the music forges a dark yet whimsical path, inspired by photographs from Rusty McDonald of DividingME Photography." 

You are invited to escape the everyday world and journey with us to the "Absolute Elsewhere" - A place where characters spring forth from art, music and mythology. A place where artists connect and their visions merge creating a land where dreams and myths breathe and fill space. I was inspired to make my own journey after seeing Rusty's photographs that capture the essence of this enigmatic world. Each image inspired me to create a song and in turn invite a collective of musicians to help acquaint you with the inhabitants and scenery of the mysteriously beautiful "Absolute Elsewhere". Their voices and stories emerge as the process unfolds. They exist only in this place.


released May 19, 2015

Produced by Jim Boitnott and Crystal Bright
All songs/lyrics by Crystal Bright
Recorded/Engineered/Mixed/Co-Produced by Randy Seals at On Pop of the World Studios, except "Crescent Moon Bear" recorded and mixed by Jason Merritt
Mastered by Evan Bradford at Echo Mountain
Cover Art & Design: Rusty McDonald and Crystal Bright
All photos by DividingMe Photography (Rusty McDonald) 
Crystal Bright: vocals, piano, accordion, saw, dan bau, adungu, toaster oven rack/pan, stumpf fiddle, percussion
Randy Seals: drums, backup vocals, percussion, tambourine, bass on "Bajando La Luna" 
Kevin Dollar: guitars on "Bajando La Luna" and "Of Sireneuse" 
Robbie Link: Double Bass, Cello
Diego Diaz: guitars, lapsteel
Bolshevik Bratislava appears on Trumpet, FleugalHorn, Shofar, Harmon, Wah, Cup Mute and Vocals, Courtesy of Jeremy Denman, Studios and Urban Fly Queen Publishing
Adam Collis: trombone
Jonathan Cannon: violin
Ueli Schweizer: violin
Seth Oldham: drums on "Engastrimyth" 
Rusty and Nicole McDonald: Vocals on "The End" and "Forest of Dreams" 
Taylor Briggs and Zach Koontz: backup vocals on "October" and "Forest of Dreams
Crystal Bright: string arrangements on "Torment," "Tree of Tantalus," "La Dona D'aguia" 

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